3 Thanksgiving Tips for Cat Lovers: Food, Flowers and Fun

Follow these three tips to keep your cat happy and healthy this Thanksgiving.

1) Food - With all of the good eats around this Thanksgiving, it’s hard not to share with your cat.  But, you could be making your cat sick. Watch out for onions, garlic (even onion or garlic powder), grapes, raisins, chocolate, and alcohol.  White meat turkey, in small amounts, may be ok for some cats, but stay away from the drippings, the skin, and the bones.

2) Flowers - Beware!  Make sure your bouquets and centerpieces do not contain lilies.  An innocent nibble of a leaf or even a lick of the yellow pollen can cause acute kidney failure in cats.  

3) Fun - Lots of guests means fun for us, but it might be overwhelming for your cat. Consider making a cat-friendly room for your feline to spend the holiday.  Make it cozy with their favorite bed, food, hunting feeders, and water. You can even add some cat-friendly music to help soothe your cat through all of the commotion.  Bonus - your cat will not accidentally get let outside by an unsuspecting guest.

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