A fit and fabulous Cupcake!

60% of cats in America are overweight or obese. With as little as 2lbs overweight, it's not if your cat will get sick, but when!

It’s time to ban the bowl and watch your cat return to a healthy weight - Just like our new friend cupcake. ~ Dr. Liz Bales


Cupcake Marie has been such a blessing in my life.  We’ve survived a serious car crash together, five moves, and more boyfriends than I’d like to mention!  She has given me so much love for 12 years now.  So, in 2016 when I took her for a routine check-up, I was thankful that my friend and veterinary assistant had the guts to be honest with me.  Cupcake was overweight.  I knew she was chunky but… I thought that was her build!  I thought that was what was great about cats, you just fill a food bowl on the floor whenever it is empty, and they graze as needed!

I began to research ways to slow her eating habits and came across the Doc and Phoebe indoor hunting feeding system.  I was nervous.  It seemed like an investment, and so incredibly different than what Cupcake was used to.  Would it work?  Was I wasting $40?

I read the book that came with the system and followed it to a T.  I was shocked how quickly Cupcake adapted.  I wondered if it was working sometimes.  I also struggled with sticking to the plan.  Cupcake begged constantly when I was in the kitchen. Was I starving her?  Was I doing the right thing?  I kept telling myself to stick to her recommended food serving for her goal weight and that it would extend her life and improve her health.

I took her back for another checkup this past month and she is down to 11.8 pounds from 17 pounds back in 2016!!!!  I thought she looked thinner, but it happened so gradually I wasn’t sure how much she had lost.  More than losing the extra weight, Cupcake is active and playful and cuddly like she hasn’t been before!  Thank you, Doc and Phoebe, for giving me not just my cat back, but a new, happier and healthier cat I hope to share many more memories with for years to come!

DA - Virginia

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