Celebrating Shelter Cats and their Hero Cat Parents

 Guest blogger: Marjorie Griffiths

It’s a drizzly Sunday morning in Nottingham, U.K., and Cosmo is hunting. He can smell his prey and he zeroes in on silent paws. A whiplash of swiping claws and breakfast is served!

Cosmo is a pretty odd little chap. I can only guess at what horrors he’s endured in the past; he was dumped at the door of a nearby shelter. He’s slow to trust and has very particular behavioral quirks that are likely the legacy of cruelty and neglect. He has a range of additional health issues. As well as this, his digestion is very delicate and he is a hermaphro-cat with both male and female genitalia. Trips to the vet are manifold and expensive, not to mention distressing for the both of us.

After his traumatic start, Cosmo is now living the life of a pampered prince with me in our city apartment.

The combination of his health issues and my apartment situation means that Cosmo needs to be an indoor cat. Cosmo disagrees. He is desperate to fulfill his natural urges to roll in the sunshine and hunt mice in the hedges. The sunshine I can provide; we love sunbathing on the balcony together. The opportunity to hunt, however, is harder to deliver. He has an innate need to hunt that I cannot fulfill with any number of toys or gadgets. Cosmo needs an outlet and Dr. Bales’ Indoor Hunting Feeder is our solution.

The system is so easy to use. Each morning, I fill the mice with his biscuits and hide them around the apartment. It’s such a joy to see Cosmo stalking and pouncing, catching his breakfast and carrying his conquests around our home. He always looks so proud of himself!

The hunt takes time, skill and energy. It keeps Cosmo entertained and full whilst I am at work. Consequently, his behavior is improving day by day. As his trust grows and his primal instincts are fulfilled, he is becoming more loving and is increasingly affectionate. He sleeps curled up in the crook of my arm, tired and happy after a day of pouncing and playing. He doesn’t lash out at my ankles anymore; he lashes out to catch his mice!

Bringing Cosmo into my home has been hard. His needs are extensive and he’s never going to be an ‘easy’ cat. That said, we’re a dream team. In each other’s company, we find our home.

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