Egyptian Mau Approved!

In my 10 years experience in the animal care industry I have worked in zoos/rescue centres and now as a vet nurse assistant. 

I tend to bring my work home with me (literally!) mainly implementing behavioral and environmental enrichment for my two Egyptian Mau’s Aegon and Selene. 

Because of their breed, Egyptian Mau’s require strenuous exercise both physically and mentally. However, because mine are strictly indoor cats (we live in a 3rd floor flat) I wanted them to have as close to natural enrichment as possible. they also have cat trees, floating shelving units and lots of toys. 

(Tested by Aegon & Selene)


I purchased the “Indoor Hunting Feeder” before Selene came home as a kitten, and I haven’t been disappointed with the quality of the feeders! They both use them for their dry food. I highly recommend the feeders to every cat lover that wants to awaken their cats' inner hunter!

It really has changed my home I feel it is amazing to provide cats (especially indoor cats!) the opportunity to express their natural behavior receiving both mental and physical enrichment.

-Charlotte Flegg (Bsc)
Veterinary Care Assistant
Royal Veterinary College (RVC) Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital



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