How Are Veterinarians Getting Their Cats to Lose Weight?

Want to know a dirty little secret?  Veterinarians have fat cats too. In fact, there are now more fat cats in America than normal weight ones.  A full 60% of cats in the USA are now overweight or obese.

Maybe we adopted the cat and she was already obese, maybe we contributed to the problem.  But, when the day comes to get our own cats to lose weight, what are veterinarians doing?

The latest research shows that how you feed your cat is as important as what you feed your cat.  Wet, dry or raw - meals served twice a day in a stationary bowl are likely part of the problem.  You see, cats are designed to hunt, catch and play with many mouse-sized meals at dawn and dusk.

Finally, there is a way to accomplish this with dry or freeze-dried food (stay tuned for a wet version due out summer 2019.) With Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder, you simply fill the three mouse-shaped feeders and hide them before you go to work and again before you go to bed.

Veterinary hospitals around the country teamed up with Doc & Phoebe for the Clinic Cat Challenge.  Their cats ditched the bowl and started hunting for their meals for 5 weeks. The results were great!  The cats had improved behavior and lost weight. The average weight loss was 0.837 pounds - A perfect healthy weight loss for 5 weeks.

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