How to Keep Your Cat Off The Christmas Tree


I’m going to make this really easy for you.  You can’t.

You just installed the most amazing, real-life climbing tree in your home, then covered it with enticing dangling fabulous toys and you expect to be able to keep your cat away from it?

Get real.

What you CAN do is keep your cat safe from tree-related holiday dangers.

1 – If you are thinking of putting tinsel or any stringy decorations out, don’t.  These are irresistible and easy to eat. They will become your entire holiday gift budget when they transform inside your cat to a life-threatening, surgery requiring, linear foreign body.  Not worth it.

2 – Try to keep your tree upright.  From below, use a sturdy, heavy-duty tree stand.  From above, you can put an eye hook in your ceiling and use high test fishing line to secure the trunk to the ceiling.

3 – Prevent your cat from drinking the tree water.  There are lots of creative ways to cover the water reservoir.  Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest. AND don’t put alcohol, aspirin or other preservatives in the tree water, just in case.

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