I can't. I have a dog.


So many of us live with cats and dogs. We love them both! How can we resist!

It is with the greatest respect that I ask you, dog-and-cat parents, what are you doing to meet your cat’s needs in your home?

Dogs make it easy. They are pretty good at letting us know what they need. Dogs are pack animals, so when they have a need, it is to their advantage to let the pack know, and the pack will help take care of them. It is in their nature to let us know when they have a need and we dog parents are doing a pretty good job at understanding what our dogs’ need and providing it for them. Easy here too, because the pet stores are teeming with beautiful, well-designed products….for dogs.

Cats are different. Cats are solitary survivors. They don’t have a pack to take care of them. It is not to their advantage to make their needs known in the wild. In fact, it makes them very vulnerable (dinner for a fox or an owl.) As a result, cats keep their needs to themselves until things are pretty desperate. So, it is very difficult for the cat parent to know when their cat is stressed and has needs that are not being provided for. To make matters worse, the cat isles of the pet stores are grim - virtually unchanged since the 1980’s.

We now know that cats need places to climb and hide, they need to scratch, and they need to hunt and eat multiple small meals a day. Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder is the first and only way to allow cats to hunt in the home. But how do you leave those cute, food-filled mice around if you have a dog?

It is time to find ways to meet our cat’s needs - even if we have a dog. It can be done! Look to times in your day when your dogs and cats are already spending time apart and make the most of it. Here are my favorite tips.
Is your dog kenneled for any part of the day? This is a great time for your cat to hunt.
Do your dogs and cats sleep in separate rooms? Great! Shut the door and let your cats hunt overnight. My cat hunts overnight in my daughter’s bedroom, where he sleeps.
For the high-tech parent, you can install a Sureflap microchip reader and have a hunting safe-room for your cats.

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