Just when you thought it was safe!!! – The dangerous snow globe


Seriously????  A snow globe?  Yep.  A snow globe can be dangerous to your cat.  I have to admit, this was new information for me too.  

The liquid in a snow globes have been found to contain Ethylene Glycol, better known as anti-freeze. You may be more familiar, as I was, with anti-freeze appearing as puddles of green liquid that leaks out of cars in parking lots (which this Catvocate insists get cleaned up quickly and safely when I see them around town.) 

Anti-freeze is sweet and tasty and deadly.  The course of this intoxication can be reversed if you see your cat ingest anti-freeze and you get them to your vet right away.  But, usually the ingestion happens without the pet parent’s knowledge.  The symptoms of this deadly intoxication can be a mystery if you don’t see your cat drink it.  First, your cat can appear nauseous, twitchy or wobbly on its feet.  If untreated, irreversible and fatal kidney failure is inevitable within 3 days.

So, if you are very attached to your snow globe collection, keep it in a safe place where your cat cannot knock one over and break it open.  If an accident should occur, keep your cat safe and clean it up right away.

And, help keep outdoor animals safe.  If you see that green liquid in a puddle in a parking lot, make sure it gets cleaned up!  Those outdoor cats (and dogs and other wildlife) will thank you.


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