Meet Jamie, our Fat Cat Challenge Winner

Meet Jamie, the winner of our Fat Cat challenge. Jamie is a 5-year-old solid ragdoll. Jamie lives with his brother Charlie in the Netherlands. Jamie’s mom, Danielle, has 2 other solid ragdolls at home for Jamie to enjoy.


“While his brothers were running around, Jamie has always been the lazy one that prefers to get chin rubs instead of running and jumping too much. He has been checked by the vet to see if there is a medical reason for this but we haven't been able to find anything. He is now 9,2kg (20.3 Lbs) and should be around 6,5kg (14.3 Lbs),” says mom Danielle.



“We have already tried a prescription diet with the vet but he was only allowed a tiny bit of food. He didn't like the food and the small amount per day made him very grumpy and he started to attack the other cats. We have since then been feeding the cats with slow feeders and other puzzle toys. When I put food in those toys, he just lays down next to one and doesn't move until it is all finished.”


“He is such a sweet boy, loves to cuddle and when food is involved he is suddenly faster than the other 2 cats. He loves to play with catnip toys and with a small vilted ball. I love his way for asking for a cuddle and the sound he makes when I call him and he comes running to me. He knows when I am not feeling well and comes to me to support me and to keep me warm.

Jamie doesn't have any bad behaviors like fighting the others or scratching furniture. His worst behavior is his focus/addiction to food.

Last month we have moved from an apartment to a house with a garden so I really hope we can finally help him lose weight and walk the stairs to hunt for his food. He is a fantastic cat and I love him to the moon and back!”

The Indoor Hunting Feeder is on its way to Danielle and Jamie.  Check back in next week and see how the introduction goes.


Happy Hunting Jamie!
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