New Year's Resolution for You and Your Cat - Get More Sleep

In 2018 I am resolving to get more sleep.  Studies show that, for a human, 8 hours of sleep nightly is optimal.  Less than that, and you have problems with your health, concentration, mood and weight.  

Getting more sleep is easier said than done, if you live with a cat. If your cat is like most, it sleeps up to 16 hours a day.  Unfortunately, a cat’s sleep cycle and a human’s sleep cycle often do not exist in harmony.  Precisely during the prime hours of treasured human REM sleep between 4-6am, our feline roommates are at their most active.  Not good.  It is very common for cats to wake their humans to be fed in these early morning hours.


To a cat, these early morning hours are prime hunting time.  Their favorite prey - birds and mice are most active at this time of day.  Although our cats live inside with us, mother nature has programed them with a strong desire to hunt and eat between 4-6am, whether we like it or not.

And we do not like it.

Without prey to hunt and eat in our homes, our cats are hunting our slumbering bodies and rousing us to get up and serve them food.  

Is there another way?  Yes!!!!  Doc & Phoebe’s feeders are the solution.  Simply fill and hide the feeders before turning in for the night and your cats can hunt for “prey” the way nature intended.  And you can spend the early morning hours in your favorite way.  ZZZZZZZZZ

Happy restful 2018

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  • Mirba,

    You’ve got an experienced hunter on your hands! It sounds like it’s time to up the ante. Try hiding the mice in new places and in other things. I can hide mine in a shoe box, put the lid on and hide the shoe box. I also like to put one under a tea towel, one inside a tissue box, and one inside of a paper grocery bag (handles cut off for safety and opening crumpled.) I can’t wait to hear about your favorite new hiding spots! Keep me posted.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Liz Bales

    Dr. Liz Bales
  • Hello, I’ve been using the feeders for about a month now. Our cat is learning that in order to eat he needs to snoop around and hunt around the house, which is great progress. However when I do hide the feeders before bed, he seems to know this, find and eat the food prematurely before he goes to bed himself. Then I still get waken up at 3 or 4 am. Any tips? Do I just need to hide the mice better? For his dinner we leave one mouse in the kitchen and hide the rest while he’s eating that one. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


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