Pet Sitter Checklist: Everything You Want to Know About Your Cat While You are Away

Traveling is part of the holiday season for many of us.  This might mean a dream vacation or a nightmare obligatory visit.  Either way, these travel plans usually do not include our cats.

Your cat will prefer to stay at home with a pet sitter and not go to a boarding facility.  Some pet sitters will stay at your house while you are away. Others will make a visit once or twice a day.

Have your pet sitter send you daily updates with this checklist. You can enjoy your getaway when you know your cat is in good hands.

Pet Sitter Checklist

(see below for Download Link)

I saw the cat today.  Yes/No

I played with the cat for _____ minutes.

The cat is acting normally. Yes/No

If no, please explain. 

The cat is eating normally. Yes/No

If no, please explain. 

The cat is drinking normally. Yes/No

If no, please explain. 

There was urine in the litter box. Yes/No

There was feces in the litter box. Yes/No

Was there urine or feces outside of the litter box? Yes/No

(If yes.)  It was located ________________.

The cat vomited. Yes/No  If yes, please explain. 

You can download this checklist as a PDF for your use here.


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