Portion Control = No Mess


The NoBowl Feeding System is designed to make your cat happy.  A happy cat ensures a happy pet parent.  Both you and your cat were taken into great consideration when developing The NoBowl Feeding System so that it met the natural requirements of cats while also being clean, safe and easy to use.

The NoBowl Feeding System is not a toy – it is a complete feeding system.  Once your cat transitions onto The NoBowl Feeding System, with the use of The NoBowl Trainer, and the transition protocol, your cat no longer eats from a bowl.

Let me explain.

Each NoBowl is designed to hold a small portion of food, 1/5 of the entire amount that you normally feed in a day.  Depending on the daily needs of your cat, approximately 1 ½ -2 TBPS will go into each NoBowl.  Your hungry cat will be stimulated to hunt for one of the five daily NoBowls and will interact with it as if it were prey.  This is precisely why the body of the NoBowl is shaped like the body of a bird or mouse and the NoBowl has a tactile skin for claws and teeth (Not a round plastic ball that rolls in a way foreign to the prey experience.)  This interaction dispenses the small portion of food and when your cat is finished interacting with the NoBowl, he/she will eat this entire small portion.  No mess!

NoBowls have been carefully designed to respond to your cat’s interaction with them and to release your cat’s food in just the right amount to satisfy your cat for that “hunt”, recognizing that your cat will become hungry again during the day and want to hunt again.  In short, each NoBowl is designed to respond to your cat’s natural daily cycle of hunting, grooming, sleeping and hunting again.  That is why you will use all five NoBowls each day and fill each NoBowl with only a portion of the cat’s daily food needs.  When the day ends, your cat will have had a full daily amount of food and the stimulation of the hunts to find it!

And, oh yes…In addition, NoBowls are way cuter and much more fun than a bowl.  Check out the interchangeable skins for upping the cuteness factor.

In the words of one of the experts who has studied this matter for years…..

“Veterinary behaviorists know that feeding has a dual purpose for cats. It is not only a way to satisfy their energy need, but it also represents the main opportunity to satisfy their primary behavioral need to act as predators. Not having the possibility to satisfy this need may be physically and psychologically detrimental to a cat.” Carlo Siracusa, DVM, PhD, MS Staff Veterinarian, Behavior Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.  Diplomate, European College of Animal Welfare and Behavior Medicine.

To best understand the origins of a cat’s feeding needs, we look to the natural state of the cat. Cat’s bodies are designed to accommodate food according to their ‘Seeking Circuit’. In nature, cats hunt between 9 and 20 times a day throughout the day and night. If the hunter is lucky, it catches its prey. On average, cat hunting efforts are successful between 9-12 times in a 24 hour period. What happens when a cat’s hunt is successful is unique to cats. They don’t immediately kill and eat their prey – the play with it first. Finally, they kill and eat their prey, then they groom and sleep, until hunger motivates them to hunt again.

The typical prey for a cat yields 1-2 tablespoons of edible material. Nature being the efficient organizer that it is, a cat’s stomach is prepared to accept 1-2 tablespoons of food at any one time.  

The NoBowl Feeding System was designed to meet these natural needs.  Finally, you will have the necessary tools to give your cat back the ability to hunt, using the food that he/she already loves.  Currently, The NoBowl Feeding System is for dry food only. I am hard at work on a wet food solution. If your cats eat wet food, you can distribute the wet food in 1-2 tablespoon portions onto saucers. You can go one step further and place the saucers in various locations in your home so that your cats have to hunt to find them. To provide more stimulation, you can decrease the amount of wet food you are feeding and use The NoBowl Feeding System to enable your cats to hunt for a dry food or freeze-dried treat that fits with your cat’s dietary needs.

Simply put, cats are hunters. It is time to recognize that mealtime was intended to, and should, not only nourish our cats’ bodies but their souls too. The NoBowl Feeding System is the fun, clean and easy way to give your cat this gift…or you could let some mice, birds or lizards loose in your house…

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