Realistic Ways to Exercise Your Cat

You have to move to be healthy.  Same goes for your cat. Try to take your cat out for a jog and you won’t be happy with the results, and neither will your cat.  

To encourage your cat to hunt, you need to appeal to their feline instincts - What makes a cat a cat?  

Active Play - Schedule 2-3 play sessions with your cat a day.  Grab your cat’s favorite wand toy, laser or feather and recreate the hunt with them. This does not need to go on for a long time.  Even 5 minutes is enough.  Signal the end of the play session with a tiny treat.  This way your cat does not stay in hunting mode and go after your toes, ankles or drapes.  

Recreate the Hunt - Hunting for up to 10 mice a day - mostly at dusk and dawn - is your cat’s natural exercise.  Serving meals in a bowl twice a day is counter to their nature. Get rid of the bowl and make mealtime hunting time. Recreate the hunt by putting a mouse-sized portion of food into three Doc & Phoebe’s mice and hiding them around the house before you go to work and before you go to bed.  Your cat will hunt, catch and play with her meals, just like she would in nature.

When you work with your cat’s natural instincts, they get moving in a way they love! #HappyCatsHunt

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