A Weighty Problem

Dearest Catvocates, I will begin this post and end it with the same thought.  We must stop loving our cats through ...

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Cat

1) Keep it Lean - Did you know that almost 60% of the cats in America are obese?   Being overweight is very dangero...

Happy Cats and The Holidays!

The holiday season brings lots of changes to our home environment. Many of us decorate with exciting new things, co...

What is Feline Environmental Enrichment?

Feline Environmental Enrichment (FEE) is a growing focus for many cat veterinarians and cat behavior experts. We re...

Comfort in Tense Times

Hello Catvocates!The Catvocate movement focuses on what we can do for our cats to make theirlives better. Today, I ...

Become a Catvocate!

This is me in 1976. I loved cats. I still do. I know you love your cats. A lot. Yep, I am just going to admit it:A...
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