The Feline Supercharged Nose

A cat’s sense of smell is extraordinary.  They have a supercharged sense of smell. In fact, their sense of smell is reported to be 40x stronger than yours and mine.

This is important for two main reasons.

1) Have you ever been stuck in a small space with someone who overdid it with perfume? Just imagine how your cat feels in your home. With this in mind, understand that it is easy to offend your cat’s incredibly strong and sensitive sense of smell. Perfumes on us, in our cleaning products and even in our cat litter smell great to us. But, to our cats, it can be way too much.

Cats particularly dislike citrus - a human favorite for cleaning products!  If you must choose a scent, go with lavender. Better yet, look for unscented products whenever possible.

2) Cats like to engage their super-powered nose!

Did you know that cats hunt with their nose first, ears second and eyes third?  Cats benefit from stimulating their sense of smell. You can engage their sense of smell by recreating the hunt. Hide their food and treats around the house and let them sniff out their “prey.”

Don’t underestimate your cat’s incredible super-powered sniffer!

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