The Indoor Hunting Feeder at home with Dr. Gittelman

Howard Gittelman is a veterinarian at Animal Medical of New City in New York.

He and his team enjoy blogging, especially putting together some of their Veterinarian April Fool's jokes, many of which have duped thousands. These are his stories with the  Indoor Hunting Feeder. 

-Dr. Liz Bales



About a year ago, we decided to have some fun with Liz Bale’s fantastic Feline Indoor Hunter Feeder.  We made up a story in which my wife Jody divorces me over complications with using the device and published it on our blog.  The post got a lot of views, laughs, and I hope, grabbed the attention of many cat owners because the truth is, despite the fun I poked at it, this thing really works!


Before I got the Feline Indoor Hunter Feeder, my cat, Gary, was a lot like the rest of the cats I see at my practice: bored!  Imagine what it’s like for our feline friends to live day after day in the same setting, same food, same routine.  Cats are the product of thousands of years of evolution; they’re hunting machines, but living domestically with us like they do, they’re bored out of their minds.  Is it any wonder that Gary used to love breaking vases and stealing my socks? 


In my 30 years as a veterinarian I have seen a lot of patients.  There is a common thread that runs through the healthiest ones.  They are active, proportionally fit, and mentally alert.  The pet owners that keep them provide them balanced nutrition and do their best to stimulate them mentally with attention and play.


Not something that all of us have the time to do!  In my case, I work 10 to 12 hours a day, and though, I love Gary a lot, I don’t feel like grabbing a laser pointer at the end of my day and giving Gary a light show; I feel like putting my feet up.


The Indoor Hunter Feeder doles Gary’s meal out in proportion to the amount of work he’s willing to put into finding the feeder mice and emptying them of their contents.   There’s no food bowl to drown himself in when he gets bored.  If he wants to eat, he has to work for it, just like the rest of us.  And he’s happier for the challenge, because cats aren’t just driven to eat, they’re driven to hunt.


Since the blog, Dr. Bales and I have become friends.  She continuously impresses me with her sensitivity to the needs of cats and her insight into what she can do as a veterinarian to make them healthier and more fit, both physically and mentally. She’s behind this product to make sure that pet owners are using it properly and happy with it.


Enjoy the feeder folks!

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