The Indoor Hunting Feeder in the Multi-Cat Household - True Tails of Success

Lots of cat parents wonder how the Indoor Hunting Feeder will work with more than one cat in the family. Will each cat get enough food?  How will I know who is getting what?  Marci Kladnik, President of the Cat Writers' Association, decided to try it for herself and her 4 cats.

~Dr. Liz Bales - The Catvocate

Here's her story:


I found out about the Indoor Hunting Feeder at a conference last year and thought it sounded like a good idea for my four indoor-only cats. First of all, they were getting a bit hefty and also many mornings I would awaken to piles of kibble barf on my floors and/or furniture. I also felt that, even with the baskets of toys around, catwalks in the living room, and a large catio, the cats seemed bored unless it was feeding or interactive play time. I bought a set of feeders for each cat and gave it a try.

From the very first introduction of the training feeder, it was a slam-dunk and I went straight to filling the real “mice.” I hid them pretty openly around the house at first. This was in May 2017. It is now February 2018 and I have to say my cats and I are thrilled with them. The cats become excited when I start filling the empties, and even try and follow me around the house to watch where I hide them. I have had to increase the difficulty by placing some very high, some inside boxes, on windowsills, under rugs, under a pile of toys...and all are found. I see and hear the cats hunt off and on all day and night.

Last summer I was forced to allow one of my cats to become indoor/outdoor due to his depression over the death of my dog, his “mom.” Barney was a formal feral kitten who imprinted on my Scottie 11 years ago. When Maggie suddenly died, Barney began peeing in the house and just wanted OUT. He is now happy having access to outside/inside during the day through a microchip-activated cat door in the catio but locked inside at night. The funny thing is that Barney actually comes inside several times during the day to hunt the Indoor Hunting Feeder mice!

Best of all, one indoor cat has lost .6 pounds and another 1 whole pound! (The third indoor cat doesn’t allow me to pick him up so I can’t weigh him.) The other awesome thing is that the barfing of kibble has virtually disappeared. I highly recommend this product and so do my cats.

I must add that the cats actually come to me during the day to request a mice refill. I am now measuring out the daily clowder kibble ration into a container and filling mice in the morning and again in the evening from it to ensure they are not being overfed. The results are that they are much more active and they don’t come to my bed demanding breakfast in the morning! A win, win for all.

Marci Kladnik
President, Cat Writers' Association
Winner of the 2015 Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award
Award-winning cat columnist
Contributing writer to 


Watch Spencer here!

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