The Open Letter to Cat Dads!

Open Letter to Cat Dads


Dear Cat Dads,


No one likes to be ignored, and you guys have been flying under the radar.


I want you to know that I know you are out there, and I am listening.


The stereotype of “the cat owner” is strong.  I don’t need to reinforce it here.  And, as stereotypes go, this one is wrong too.  Very wrong. 


The cat parent is everyone, from millennials to Gen-X’ers to Baby Boomers.  And, I don’t have to tell you gentlemen, but a lot of cat parents are men.  In fact, almost ½ of all millennial cat parents are men. 


It is time to celebrate the Cat Dad! Your cat means a lot to you!  As a veterinarian, writer and speaker on cat care, I want to curate the best information I can to help strengthen the bond between you and your cat, from the basics in cat care to cutting edge science.


So, tell me, you unsung heroes of the feline/human family, what is important to you?  What do you want to know more about?  What do you want to say about being a Cat Dad?  It’s time to step out of the shadows and be heard!


I’m listening……

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  • All I want to say is that my cat loves me, the same way I love her.I rescued her from the shelter, no one wanted her because she was a black cat.well,it’s been two years and I swear that my life is better thanks to storm.

  • Been a cat dad for, well, all my life. We won’t get into how old I am. Lol. No real comment yet.

    Eric Hamilton
  • My name is Mason and I’m a cat dad of 3 handsome, smart boys. I’m 26 and unfortunately part of the generation swamped by student loan debt and false promises of a bright and prosperous future. My cats have given me hope and strength during this financial hardship, however fleas have been beyond unforgiving this year…as a cat dad from the millennial generation I’d really like to see an affordable flea treatment that’s not some gimmick ‘flea collar’. Ideally something as natural as possible but that actually works!!

    Love from Des Moines, Iowa.


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