Top 10 Truths of Feline Hunting


The previous blogs discussed how hunting is a learned skill that kittens acquire from their mother and how play and hunting are such fundamental components of a healthy feline environment. And now to recap and present additional interesting tidbits on feline hunting, I give you our list of Top Ten Truths.

  1. Most of our cats are descended from hunters and animals that we encouraged to hunt.

  2. Traditionally, many cats around the world have been kept for their mousing abilities, to keep farmyards and our homes free of mice and rats. That has changed in the last 50 or 60 years or so. We have started to rely on alternative methods of keeping mice and rats out of cities and don’t need the cat to do it anymore.

  3. Hunting instinct is still extremely strong even in indoor cats. It will never go away, no matter how full or overweight those cats may be.

  4. Play and predatory behaviors allow cats to fulfill their natural need to hunt. Play can be stimulated with the use of interactive toys that mimic prey, such as a toy mouse that is pulled across a floor or feathers on a wand that is waved through the air.

  5. Using food puzzles or food balls can mimic the action of hunting for prey, and provides more natural eating behavior.

  6. Simulating "hunting" through the use of food toys or puzzles, tossing kibbles, or hiding them around the house will help prevent both medical and behavioral problems, obesity, and stress in the home environment.

  7. Cats prefer to play with toys that in some way look like prey. And cats play more intensely when they get hungry.

  8. Scientists agree that cats need to hunt, not be served from a bowl.

  9. The NoBowl Feeding System replaces the bowl with the hunt, letting your cat stalk, trap and play with their food the way nature intended. The NoBowl Feeding System satisfies your cat’s inborn instinct to hunt.

  10. The NoBowl Feeding System will reawaken your cat’s natural instincts helping it become what it always wanted to be – a happy, healthy hunter.


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