Top 3 Mistakes You Are Making When Playing With Your Cat


Top 3 Mistakes You Are Making When Playing With Your Cat


1- You aren’t consistent - Cats thrive on predictable human contact.  Schedule two 5 minute play sessions with your cat daily.  And try to be consistent with your timing. Seriously, you have 10 min in your day to have fun with your cat.  It will be good stress relief for both of you.

2- You are boring - The occasional flipping of the fishing pole toy or rolling of the bell ball at your cat isn’t cutting it.  Your cat loves when you actually simulate the scared mouse he loves to hunt in his predatory dreams.  To maximize your cat’s fun, make the toy act like prey. Start with the toy near your cat and help it flee from your fierce hunter, varying speed and direction - ducking under furniture, and dashing around corners. At the end of each hunt, let your cat catch the toy and savor victory before the next adventure.  

3- You get them all excited and there is no completion - Cats are hard wired to stay excited when they hunt, catch and play.  They know that the hunt is over when they catch and eat their prey - this is their signal to relax.  You can work with your cat’s natural instincts to complete this cycle and end playtime satisfied and relaxed.  When you decide playtime is over, let your cat catch her final prey and reward your hunter with a treat.  


Congratulations!  You have just fulfilled feline bliss!

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