Top 3 Ways Cats Get Fat, and How You Can Help Them


It is official.  A new report was released last week. Cat obesity is an epidemic.

Without meaning to, are you putting your cat at risk?  Here are the top 3 ways cats are getting fat.

1 – The All Day Buffet packs on the pounds!

Do you fill up the bowl once or twice a day?  Stop feeding giant portions of food at one time.   Did you know that your cat’s stomach is the size of a ping pong ball? Think about how much of a meal a mouse would make. Feeding dry food?  Your cat should eat small portions of food (1-2 TBSP) about 5 times a day.  Feeding wet?  Put out small portions throughout the day and evening.

2- Your cat is a couch potato!

Just like the rest of us, cats need exercise.  Sleeping, laying around and eating all day are a big part of the problem.  The best way to get your cat moving is by engaging their natural instinct to hunt.  Take those 5 portions of food and turn them into your cat’s natural exercise. Hide them!  Your cat will instinctively hunt around your house. This will activate her mind and body at meal time…just like nature intended. The weight will gradually melt away and the result is a happy, healthy cat.

3- You are an automatic treat dispenser.

If you are like most of us, your cat has you well trained to give him treat after treat on demand.  A few meows and an impossibly cute stare, and you are wrist deep in a bag of cat treats. The next time your cat comes looking for treats, grab his favorite toy and play a game.  Finish your play session with just one treat.  Exercise.  Bonding time.  Love….  Mission accomplished.

Follow these three tips and your cat will be defying the statistics in no time.  Bonus – your cat will live a longer, healthier, happier life and you will have fewer vet bills!

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