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Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Indoor Cat to the Vet EVERY YEAR!!!



“My cat never goes outside. So, I don’t need to take it to the vet...unless it get’s sick.”  This might be the most common mistake that the loving, well-meaninged cat owner makes.  Cats should be examined by a veterinarian every year.  Yes.  Every year.  Why should you spend the time, money and hassle to take your cat vet?  Here are my top 5 reasons.

1- Asking the right questions - Living with your cat day in and day out is wonderful.  But, this daily familiarity often makes one unable to perceive subtle changes.  As part of taking a good history, your veterinarian and veterinary technician will ask you provocative questions about your cat that may uncover a gradually progressing, significant health concern.

2- Weight Check - Fluffy coats can hide changes!  Your veterinary office has a scale that is sensitive enough to pick up weight changes in small increments.  Home scales are often not sensitive enough to pick up these small increases or decreases in the under 20 lb cat.  If your cat has unintentional weight gain or loss, your veterinarian will want to talk with you about it.  This may be as simple as a change in diet or behavior. But, in some cases, weight changes can be the first sign of a medical condition that needs serious attention.  Let’s not miss it!

3- The Oral Exam - A healthy mouth is the first step to a healthy cat. Humans know how painful dental disease is, and cats feel the same mouth pain we do.  But, cats are masters at hiding this pain and discomfort. Your veterinarian will do a full exam of your cat’s mouth, including teeth, gums and tongue.  My clients are routinely stunned when I show them the painful disease that cats are hiding behind those adorable whiskers.  Once we identify the problem, we can come up with a treatment plan to make your stoic kitty feel much better.

4 - The Belly Check - The skilled hands of your veterinarian may reveal a variety of issues.  Constipation?  Tiny kidneys?  Thickened intestines?  Lumps or bumps?  These clues are invisible to the naked eye and take years of practice to feel with your hands.  Again, if there is an issue here, the sooner it is identified the more options you will have to address it.

5 - That Sweet, Sweet Heart - Your cat loves you with all of its heart.  Let your veterinarian take a good listen with the stethoscope to make sure that it is functioning properly.  

Sometimes, doing the right thing is hard.  I know.  But make that appointment today.  Together, let’s keep your cat healthy and happy. Speaking of happy...sign up below to be notified for my next post...How to Make the Cat Carrier Snuggly and Not Stressful.

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