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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the Indoor Hunting Feeder if I have more than one cat?

  • Doc & Phoebe's Feeders in your multi-cat household click here.

    The Indoor Hunting Feeder is the solution to meet all of your cats' natural needs. Even in the multi-cat household, each cat deserves to have its hunting needs met. Users report that the feeders reduce fights between cats and increases happiness for all of the cats in the household.

  • What if I have a dog in the family?

  • Sorry pooches, it’s not for you! Doc & Phoebe designed these feeders for indoor cats that have a safe place free from dogs to hunt. Even cats who live with dogs deserve to have the benefits of hunting. There are simple ways to meet the needs of all of the animals in your care.

    Cats are solitary hunters. They want to hunt and eat alone. In fact, one of the greatest sources of distress for cats is having to eat in the presence of a dog. Simply confine your cat to a dog-free space, like a bedroom with the door closed, for hunting time. This way you are meeting all of the natural needs of your cat and still allowing your dog free run of the rest of the house.

  • Can I serve wet food in the Indoor Hunting Feeder?

  • We don't recommend it. Doc & Phoebe designed the Feeders to be used with any dry cat food or treats only, and the holes are designed to release the food in small increments.

  • Can I still serve my cat wet food? What if my cat eats wet food or a raw diet?

  • Yes! You can accomplish this by feeding a smaller portion of wet or raw food. The remaining daily ration will be dry food or a treat that is acceptable in your cat’s diet and will be fed using Doc & Phoebe's Feeders.

  • How Much Should I Feed my Cat?

  • To feed the average 10lb cat, add one Feeder Scoop full of dry food to each of the three (3) Feeders, morning and night.  For specifics on your cat, consult your veterinarian.

  • My cat is a little chubby, can I use the feeders to help with weight loss?

  • Doc & Phoebe's Feeders are portion controlled. Feeding your cat an appropriate amount of food in multiple small portions, morning and night will help your cat maintain a healthy weight. Doc & Phoebe cats hunt to find their food. The hunt is the exercise in disguise. Cats that have a healthy body weight live longer lives.

Helpful Hints with Transition

  • What if my cat isn't immediately interacting with the feeders?

  • Some cats need privacy to transition onto Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Feeder. Try leaving your cat alone overnight with the training feeder to give him/her some private time to explore and try it out. Don’t forget to pick up the food dish (so it is not a distraction) and add a favorite treat or two to the training feeder.

  • How will my cat know where it the feeder is hidden?

  • Cats have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell. Your cat will use its sense of smell to hunt and find Doc & Phoebe's Feeders.

  • What about my cat's water intake?

  • Increased water consumption is healthy for cats. Studies show that cats drink more water when their water is placed in a separate location from their food. Once your cat is fully transitioned onto the Indoor Hunting Feeder, hide your Feeders away from your cat’s water source for increased health and wellness.

  • How do I use the feeders to stop my cat from waking me up?

  • Refill the three (3) Feeders for night time and fill and hide before you go to sleep.
    (Make sure to set your alarm, because your cat alarm likely will not go off!)

  • How do the feeders stop scarf and barf?

  • Do you often see your cat vomiting food right after it gobbled it up? Each Feeder contains a small portion of the daily food and releases the food in a gradual manner. This forces your cat to slow down and should eliminate scarf and barf!

  • Is this going to make a food mess all over my house?

  • Actually, our studies have shown the Indoor Hunting Feeder is a cleaner alternative to bowl feeding. Because the meals in each mouse only release a little bit of kibble at a time, your cat will eat the portioned amount as they hunt for each one.


  • What is the cost of shipping?

  • Shipping is calculated at the time of purchase and is dependant on the service chosen. 

  • When will I receive my package?

  • Orders placed before 3 pm EST process and ship the next day. Transit time is dependant on the service chosen at checkout. 


Still have questions? We're here to help!


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