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The Power of Hunting

  • "R.K. Anderson, DVM, the grandfather of veterinary behavior, who passed away in 2012, told me: 'We’re feeding our cats wrong. Cats need to seek out their food; they need to hunt for it and then they need to kill it multiple times daily. One day someone will put on a thinking cap and come up with a better way.' Perhaps Bales has come up with that better way." — Steve Dale, Veterinary Practice News Jan 2017

  • "Doc & Phoebe's Feeder [formerly The NoBowl Feeding System™] is an innovative and effective method to help cats lose weight, stimulate exercise and natural hunting behaviors. I have been delighted with the effects on my own cat, who has become an expert indoor hunter!" — Leilani Alvarez, DVM, DACVSMR, Integrative and Rehabilitative Medicine, The Animal Medical Center

  • “I am a veterinarian practicing at Bolton Veterinary Hospital in northeast Connecticut, and my cat is blind, but had no trouble figuring out her Doc & Phoebe mice. Thanks for developing this system!" — Michelle K Pesce, DVM

  • "The Doc & Phoebe's mice [formerly NoBowl] have changed my relationship with my cat for the better. He has been more active and definitely more happy in general. He loves to hunt the mice and he enjoys the challenge of finding where I hide them every day. He loves his mice and so do I!" — Nina L. from North Carolina

  • "It’s now obvious my cat now strongly prefers the Doc & Phoebe's Feeder and seemed a bit insulted by the boring bowl of food. She also never hunts in front of me, but has no problem letting me know her mice need refilled. It’s a unique product." — Krystal L. from Barberton, OH

  • “My bengals love the Doc & Phoebe's Feeder! They love playing with them and it’s nice to see my boy looking healthy once more. They had mastered the trainer in minutes, and were into full on hiding/hunting by the end of the week. Two very satisfied kitties meaning one happy human. Thank YOU!" — Helen J. from Boston, MA


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